STXD, STXDe, and STXDeRHUL Upblast Direct Drive Centrifugal Roof/Sidewall Exhaust Fans

Centrifugal Roof & Wall Fan Series


Model Features

  • Exhaust air up to 4,780 CFM in high static pressure applications up to 1-1/2" w.g.
  • Attractive spun aluminum exterior
  • Direct drive units have low sound levels and quiet operation
  • Curved non-overloading backward inclined wheel for efficiency at higher static pressures
  • Roof or sidewall mounting options
  • AMCA Air and Sound Licensed
  • cULus 705 or 762 Listed
  • EcoWatt® (STXDe and STXDeRHUL Models)

AMCA Air and Sound Licensed   cULus Listed   Ecowat Registered

Model Overview

The STXD direct drive fans are designed to exhaust air up to 4,780 CFM, with high static pressure capability up to 1-1/2". The non-overloading backward inclined wheel, with its higher static pressure capability, makes this unit suitable for either ducted or non-ducted applications. Its roof or wall mounting permits short duct runs and more efficient operation. Direct drive units use smaller diameter wheels with lower RPM's, resulting in low sound levels and quiet operation. They have no belts or fan bearings to maintain or adjust and consequently require very little maintenance.

Isolation of the motor from the air stream and the high-velocity air discharge make the STXD ideally suited for the removal of dirty, contaminated and/or high-temperature air from buildings and manufacturing plants. Typical applications include restaurant hoods and similar kitchen exhaust ventilation, fume and smoke removal, laboratory fume hood exhaust and chemical process exhaust.

Industry best 5-year fan housing warranty, 1-year motor warranty
STXD-RHUL units have 2-year fan housing warranty

Size CFM Range Max SP
6 56 to 308 3/4"
7 78 to 437 3/4"
8 174 to 935 7/8"
10 322 to 1445 1"
12 470 to 1918 1-1/4"
14 868 to 3426 1-1/2"
15 800 to 3997 1-3/4"
16 1272 to 4781 1-3/4"
Dimensional Drawing STXD
Size A B C D
6 18.1" 25.3" 28.6" 20.3"
7 18.1" 25.3" 28.6" 20.3"
8 18.1" 25.3" 28.6" 20.3"
10 18.1" 25.3" 28.6" 20.3"
12 20.1" 26.9" 31.3" 21.9"
14 20.1" 26.9" 31.3" 21.9"
15 24.1" 27.6" 36.5" 22.6"
16 24.1" 27.6" 36.5" 22.6"

Note: Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your JencoFan Representative for more information about these accessories.

Standard Accessories

Aluminum Grease Trough   Download
Grease Grabber   Download
Wheel Cleaning Port   Download
Automatic (Gravity) Damper   Download
Motor Operated Damper   Download
Roof Curb   Download
Curb Hinge Arrangement   Download
Insect Screen   Download
Solid State Speed Controls   Download

EcoWatt® Accessories

Constant Pressure System   Download
Potentiometer   Download
EC Motor Speed Control   Download

Centrifugal Spun Alumimum Products Brochure   Download
STXD and STXDe Catalog Pages   Download
STXD Product Submittal   Download
STXDe Product Submittal   Download
STXDeRHUL Product Submittal   Download
STXD Product IOM   Download
STXDe Product IOM   Download
STXDeRHUL Product IOM   Download

STXD Revit File  

  • General/Clean Air
  • Restaurant Hoods/Kitchen Ventilation
  • Fume and Smoke Removal
  • Laboratory Fume Hoods
  • Chemical Process Exhaust