ARE and ARS Dome Axial Power Roof Exhaust/Supply Fans

Roof Propeller Fan Series

ARE and ARS Models

Model Features

  • Exhaust air up to 3,100 CFM in static pressure applications up to 3/4" w.g.
  • Low profile attractive spun aluminum exterior
  • Direct drive units have low sound levels and quiet operation
  • AMCA Air and Sound Licensed
  • UL 705 Listed

AMCA Air and Sound Licensed   UL Listed

Model Overview

The AR series offers powerful axial exhaust (ARE) or supply (intake) (ARS) performance in a compact, lightweight and easy to install roof mounted design. Available in 4 model sizes, the AR series has a CFM range from 268 to over 3,100 CFM, with static pressure capability up to 3/4".

The direct drive design has no belts or fan bearings to maintain or adjust and consequently requires very little maintenance. The AR series is an excellent choice for factories, shops, restaurants, bathrooms, offices, schools and other similar applications where light to moderate static pressures are present.

The low contour designs and all aluminum housing provide a modern, clean appearance in addition to excellent performance and durability.

5-year fan housing warranty, 1-year motor warranty

ARE Specifications

Size CFM Range Max SP
100A 22 to 561 5/8"
120A 143 to 1807 3/4"
121A 102 to 1187 5/8"
160A 460 to 2598 3/4"
161A 122 to 1742 3/4"
201A 317 to 2855 3/4"

ARS Specifications

Size CFM Range Max SP
100A 71 to 572 3/8"
120A 260 to 1428 3/4"
121A 308 to 942 1/4"
160A 655 to 2158 3/4"
161A 526 to 1742 1/2"
201A 809 to 2654 3/8"
Dimensional Drawing ARE and ARS
Size A B C D E F
100A 21" 13" 7" 2" 20" 13-3/4"
120A 121A 28" 16" 8" 3" 24" 15-3/4"
160A 161A 32" 18" 8-1/2" 3" 28" 19-3/4"
201A 36" 20" 9-3/4" 3" 32" 23-3/4"

Note: Additional accessories are available for certain products. Contact your JencoFan Representative for more information about these accessories.

Standard Accessories

Insect Screen   Download
Automatic (Gravity) Damper   Download
Motor Operated Damper   Download
Roof Curb   Download
Curb Hinge Arrangement   Download
Solid State Speed Controls   Download

ARE and ARS Catalog Pages   Download
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